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Protecting Your Lake

Bitter, Burdock, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone



Protecting Your Lake

Bitter, Burdock, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone

2017 AGM Agenda

Saturday July 8, 2017 - 8:30 - 11am

Seminar Room @ the Haliburton Forest

Practical Lake Protector Tips

We all care about the health of our lakes but who is looking after lake health? Governments of all stripes are cutting back on the people and programs that used to protect our lakes and give us up to date data on lake health indicators. Lake associations can help fill this void but only if all of us step up individually and become Lake Protectors.

What can we do to make a difference? The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners' Associations (CHA) has some of the most knowledgeable lake health scientists in Canada as scientific advisors and we asked them that the question.

Based on their advice here are the most powerful steps you can take to protect your lake:

  1. Keep your septic system healthy; septics are the # 1 contributor of phosphorous to our lakes in Haliburton County. The more phosphorous the greater the chance of an algae blooms.
    • take 20 minutes and watch “Poop Talk“  and then take action by:
    • Keeping anything that can kill bacteria out of your septic system
    • Minimize and spread out the use of water
    • Have your system inspected by an inspector who will take the lid off and do a proper physical inspection
    • Have your tank pumped every 3-5 years
  2. Renaturalize your shoreline – natural shorelines deliver incredible benefits
    • Filtering out pollutants such as phosphorous before it gets into the lake
    • Providing habitat for all sorts of life that supports healthy loons, frogs, fish etc. Remember 80-90% of all life in your lake depends on natural shorelines
    • Learn about the importance of Natural Shorelines by watching the Ribbon of Life video

    Keep in mind even a small area with native plants will help. If you have grass to the lake – simply stop cutting all or part of it and nature will re naturalize the area over time.



What's New

Membership update - June 2017

Membership Update - June 2017

21 June 2017

RLCA Bylaw Review and Proposals


Proposed Bylaw changes

20 June 2017

Found 2 Muskoka Chairs


Found 2 Muskoka Chairs - Redstone Lake.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with the cottager that found them

19 June 2017


Saturday Jul 8, 2017
image 2017 Annual General Meeting

Save the Date July 8, 2017 for the 2017 AGM.  Will be held at the Haliburton Forest.

17 November 2016

Saturday May 6, 2017
Kennisis Lake Road Spring Clean-up

KLCOA is organizing a Spring Clean-Up for the stretch of Kennisis Lake Road from before West Shore to Redkenn / Landfill scheduled for May 6th.  Brenda Smith is again leading the charge for us on this. You can contact Brenda at for this stretch.

RLCA will be organizing a couple stretches i.e. Redkenn Road to the Wolf Centre, Kennisis Lake Road down to Bitter Lake Road, Coleman Lake Rd up to Bitter Lake Road, We could also do Klondike Trail and Bitter Lake Road. If you are interested in participating for an hour or so, please email us @

Make your morning walk a little more interesting, each volunteer would be given a short stretch.  BTW, this is a great way for kids to get in their volunteer hours for secondary school so we'd appreciate their help as well as that of "we oldies"....

16 March 2017

Saturday Jul 9, 2016
image Art on the Dock

Dates are Saturday July 9th (10AM – 4PM) and Sunday July 10th (10AM – 3PM). This event is like that Studio Tour but featuring the local artists of Kennisis Lake and area. All sites are accessible by water and by road. There is good signage on the road to identify the exhibitors. For more information visit

9 July 2016

Saturday Jul 9, 2016
image 2016 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Come and join us on the 9th from 2-4pm at the Haliburton Forest in the Seminar room.  

A meet and greet will be held right after the meeting. 

9 July 2016

Current weather in Haliburton

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Redstone Lake Water Level

Lake Levels

Lake levels are fluctuating. On occasion you may find floating hazards, logs etc. Additionally as the lake level lowers, rock hazards may or may not be entirely visible. As always caution is advised.

RLCA strives to make this information helpful and accurate. No representation or warranty of any kind is made regarding the information provided. As such we disclaim all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of your use of, or inability to use, this information. Source: Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site


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