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Protecting Your Lake
Bitter, Burdock, Coleman, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone


Protecting Your Lake
Bitter, Burdock, Coleman, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone

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Bear Sighting


Bear Update - August 27th

As of yesterday, Monday August 26th there were no new reports to the Bear Reporting Line and at the moment MNR is not quite sure where the bear is.  This though has been typical of his pattern, he is sighted for a few days and then nothing for a few days.

Katie Paroschy of MNR today advised that MNR had set a bear trap on Fisherman's Trail last Tuesday until Friday.  Thursday the bear was sighted back on the other side of the lake (possibly that's when one of our members on 2799 Boice Bradley had the visitor on his property).  It is quite possible that the bear is swimming across as it is only about 400m.  

  • For any sightings of a bear call the Bear Reporting Line 1-866-514-2327 (this line is open 24 hrs).
  • In an emergency call Minden OPP immediately 705-286-1431
  • Call 9-1-1 if a bear is breaking in or chasing someone.

Bear Update - August 23rd

The MNR advises that this bear has now successfully broken into a home on the East side of Redstone Lake in order to get food. The MNR recently set a bear trap somewhere on the East side of Redstone, but has not yet captured the bear.  Since there were multiple sightings of the bear on the West side of the lake yesterday, the MNR will re-evaluate the situation on Monday to determine next steps. In the meantime, the MNR is advising all Redstone Lake residents to keep their ground floor windows closed until this bear situation is resolved.


Bear Alert - August 22nd

There have been numerous incidents with a nuisance bear over the past three weeks in the Blue Heron Road and Rattlesnake Road areas.  The most recent incidents occurred this morning (August 22nd). On at least two occasions, the bear has tried to gain access to residences and has caused significant damage.  Numerous reports have been filed with the MNR.  The OPP has now been advised and has assigned resources to try and find the bear.  If you see any bear on your property, please call the MNR Bear Reporting Line at 1-866-514-2327.  This line operates 24/7.  If you feel your safety is threatened, you should call the Minden OPP immediately 705-286-1431

27 August 2019

2019 FOCA AGM and Spring Seminar

I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 FOCA AGM and Spring Seminar for Lake Associations held March 2, 2019 at the Boulevard Club in Toronto.  Here is a brief summary of some of the highlights that were of interest to me.   For additional details, members of RLCA and thus members of FOCA can go to the FOCA website (, sign in as members and look at a comprehensive summary of the meeting prepared by Michelle Lewin of FOCA.  (See the last paragraph below for sign in directions.)  The focus of this meeting was on planning—from organizational planning best practices for associations, to tips for successful engagement with rural municipal partners, to personal family planning to pass the cottage to the next generation. 

6 April 2019

2018 Dysart Election Report

2018 Dysart Election Report     (submitted to the RLCA by John Smith – Incoming Councillor Ward 4)

As most will know by now in the recent municipal election Andrea Roberts was elected as Dysart’s new Mayor, Patrick Kennedy was elected as the new Deputy Mayor, I was elected as the new Councillor for Ward 4 and Walt McKechnie was re-elected as Councillor for Ward 5.  

After about 35 years of service as our Reeve/Mayor, Murray Fearrey leaves with a legacy of service to our community that may never be matched.  After eight years of service as our Ward 4 Councillor Susan Norcross decided to retire and did not seek re-election. We all owe both individuals our heartfelt thanks for their dedication and commitment to serving our community.

5 November 2018

The Water - Sharing the fun


The Water - Sharing the Fun

We all know water and oil don't mix. Sometimes neither do the activities on the lake it seems. Peace and quiet, long-weekend peaks, wake boarding, canoeing, reading time on the dock, screaming kids (and sometimes adults too...),your neighbours loud music, fishing boats, speed boats, big boats and even bigger boats, little boats, night skies and dock lights and well; it can get a just a little overwhelming.

So what's the solution? Managing expectations? Being tolerant? And probably remembering the impact we all have on each other and thinking of the other person too. 

12 August 2018

Mind your Wake


Now that the lake is ice free, it will soon be time to take to the water once again, be it to paddle, to fish, to go tubing or water skiing or to just explore around the lake. A few keeners might even be out there almost as the ice melts, first wake rights so-to-speak.

Wake, what’s that? Some sort of ripple left behind at the rear of a power boat (the stern for the knowledgeable types) as you race down the lake at maximum speed.

20 June 2018


Ladies of the Lakes


It was on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon of the Victoria Day Weekend that 24 ladies gathered at Judy Cole’s for coffee, sweets and lots of discussion on common interests and activities we would like to do together.

It was soon clear that all of the ladies are interested in meeting new friends at the lake and in spending some time with each other, engaged in different kinds of social activities.  Judy Cole, Donna Luger and Cathy Meades were able to give some insights into the types of activities that the Ladies on Kennisis Lake participate in and how they get things going, as the three of them had attended a meeting of that group last year.  But they emphasized that these are just examples of what could be done and that this RLCA group is free to do what it wishes and make its own plans on how to proceed. Laurie Kerr also gave examples of activities that could be initiated.

Read more..

20 June 2018

Rock Our World - Fundraising Dance

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) has recently finalized its newest acquisition - 500+ acres - Barnum Creek Nature Reserve.  We are now seeking support from our partners, neighbours and members for our fundraising efforts - to continue to manage the property in perpetuity; to ensure the long-term health and diversity of the ecosystems are protected and maintained.

20 June 2018


Current weather in Haliburton

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Redstone Lake Water Level

Lake Levels

Lake levels are fluctuating. On occasion you may find floating hazards, logs etc. Additionally as the lake level lowers, rock hazards may or may not be entirely visible. As always caution is advised.

RLCA strives to make this information helpful and accurate. No representation or warranty of any kind is made regarding the information provided. As such we disclaim all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of your use of, or inability to use, this information. Source: Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site


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