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Protecting Your Lake
Bitter, Burdock, Coleman, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone


Protecting Your Lake
Bitter, Burdock, Coleman, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone

The Land - Trails and Roads


Many of us have access to common and private lands in and around the lake area using logging roads, or owner made pathways. Roadways additionally provide a means of finding ways to explore our beautiful surroundings. Whether on foot, bicycle or ATV; safety, caution and courtesy go along way to ensuring an enjoyable experience. An excellent resource for all roadways across Haliburton County is available which also shows the roads around the Redstone Chain of Lakes. It currently shows over 45 roads! It is available in the Dysart Municiple office in the Village of Haliburton


Things to Keep in Mind

  • take water, repellent and a hat;
  • take out your refuse;
  • wear comfortable supportive shoes;
  • watch the weather forecast;
  • if "going it alone" - leave a note at your residence;
  • respect private lands and be cautious around roadways.

An Important Update from OFSC and OFATV: The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) and the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles (OFATV) urge all motorized riders to be responsible by respecting  landowner rights. This respect starts with not entering any private land without permission.

To read more about this click here. Respecting Private Property

 Trail Sites  Activity  Season  Length (km)
 HFR Canopy Tour  H/W  3  0.6
 HFR Dogsledding Trail   DS  1  300
 HFR Walking Backpacking Trails  W/C/SS  4 300 
 Drag River and Head Lake Trails   H/W/C  3  1.3
 Haliburton County Rail Trail   H/W/C/S/A  4  35
 Haliburton County Snowmobile Association Trail  S  4  580
 Head Lake Trail   H/W/SS  4  6
 Haliburton Sculpture Forest H/WSS  4  1
Out of Door Enthusiast Sites “What You’ll Find”
 Haliburton Forest  Trails, Hiking, Backpacking and more
 Haliburton ATV  ATV Trails in Haliburton County
 Trails and Tours  Haliburton Tourism
 Ontario Trails Search for trails local & province wide
Legend and Notes      
H - Hiking, W - Walking, C - Cycling, S - Snowmobiling, K - Canoeing & Kayaking, DS -  Dog Sledding, A - ATV, SS - Snowshoeing, M - Motorcycling
1 December 2014

Current weather in Haliburton

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Redstone Lake Water Level

Lake Levels

Lake levels are fluctuating. On occasion you may find floating hazards, logs etc. Additionally as the lake level lowers, rock hazards may or may not be entirely visible. As always caution is advised.

RLCA strives to make this information helpful and accurate. No representation or warranty of any kind is made regarding the information provided. As such we disclaim all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of your use of, or inability to use, this information. Source: Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site


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